AHa! Guide & Aktivitet

Guided tours in the South of Sweden and Denmark

My name is Anette Hansson and it's often me that you meet when you are contacting us for a guided tour and tailor-made excursions. I'm a  qualified tourist guide - nationally certified, with a significant experience in arranging tours in southern Sweden and Denmark.

25 years ago I started a career as a tour guide and travelled with Swedish and Norwegian groups by coach around Europe; a great job for a person like me, who is eager to learn and enjoys working with people, providing information and good service. Nowadays, I mostly work as a local tour guide in Scania (Skåne), the southernmost region of Sweden, where I was born and have lived most of my life. I love to promote and show different aspects and intresting places of my homeland and to share my knowledge of history, culture, nature, food, everyday life and more.

Today my guide service business AHa! Guide & Aktivitet (AHa! Guide & Activity) offers a variety of tours in southern Sweden and Denmark with a special focus on the Malmoe-Copenhagen area - also called the Öresund region - and Ystad with the beautiful Österlen area in the southeast corner of the Skåne province.

Do you prefer a traditional city tour by foot, bus or bicycle, or experience the beauty of the countryside? I'll be glad to give you some suggestions depending on your interests, time, size of the group etc. The assignments vary a lot and. Among my clien't you find small private groups, associations, Swedish and foreign travel agencies, Scandinavian incoming agencies, tourist offices, municipalities, companies, hotels, schools and more.

Languages: Swedish and English, but I can book qualified guides for your tour in other languages as well, since I have a good network of great colleagues.

Anette Hansson - Owner and founder of AHa! Guide & Aktivitet. I'm a member of SkåneGuide, a part of SveGuide - the official Swedish Guide Association